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W. H. Petronela

Judy Vojtech has been a long time business woman. Judy's entrepreneur endeavors are diverse including owning a steel fabricating company. She started a nonprofit seven years ago with her best friend, Peggy Patterson, and to help fund the nonprofit H. O. P. E. From there they started an Exotic skin handbag line called W.H. Petronela, named after their mothers.
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Our story began many years ago when two mothers taught their daughters the importance and joy of how to properly accessorize so they would always look & feel their best. Petronela taught her daughter Peggy to buy quality and not quantity and that the right handbag will always make your outfit.

Wilma Henrietta taught her daughter Judy to always coordinate handbags and shoes to your outfit for the complete put together look. Years later Peggy Patterson and Judy Vojtech would become friends and create W.H. Petronela Timeless Handbags. Today Peggy and Judy want to pass on their mothers’ wisdom to every mother and daughter. They believe that by purchasing these exquisite handbags not only will you look and feel your best but you will also be contributing to the daughters and sons who need guidance and a helping hand. Part of every dollar spent on a Timeless Handbag will be donated to H.O.P.E.. H.O.P.E. is a nonprofit organization addressing the needs of at risk young adults.

We wanted a way to help fund a nonprofit we started a couple years prior and Peggy's passion was handbags so that is why we got our start.

W.H. Petronela strictly uses exotic skins bags in simple classic styles that are never 'trendy' because exotics are costly. Our bags are made from the finest tanned exotic skins in ostrich, python, crocodile, lizard, and stingray with impeccable quality. We want our customer to be able to enjoy their bag for years to come.

With guidance from above, inspirations all around, creations from W. H. Petronela was born, and continues to be the key to our success. Peggy and Judy thank their late mothers for their love, guidance and inspiration. And they thank you for your purchase. They hope that you enjoy your new custom Timeless Handbag that is sure to last a lifetime!