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Ekene Olele


Aiirkey is a London based contemporary label that creates unique statement handbags for HAPPY MOODS.
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Aiirkey pronounced as/er kiː/ is the pet name of the Creative Director, Ekene. This London based contemporary handbag label was created as a medium to promote happiness through fashion. As one who has had her own fair share of set-backs and disappointments and has been able to pull through successfully by always maintaining a positive happy attitude, Aiirkey is enthused by the need to promote the importance of maintaining a positive happy attitude and she believes that there is no better way to do this than through fashion in particular, handbags. It goes without saying that there is a special connection, a “special something” between most women and their bags , so Aiirkey decided to design unique statement handbags for happy moods.

With no previous background in fashion but a real fetish for bags, Aiirkey is a Pharmacist by profession and after a stint in Pharmaceutical Marketing post her MBA, she decided to pursue her passion when she was expecting her 3rd child.

Aiirkey bags are for the busy and trendy woman who enjoys high fashion, for the happy woman who believes that the world is her oyster and the sky is her limit, in spite of any challenges that life may throw at her. Aiirkey bags are designed with the aim not only to make you look good and feel happy but more importantly to act as a visual reminder for you to strive to remain positive and happy always, hence all Aiirkey Bags begin with the prefix HAPPY and our brand logo is a smiley made from the double “I” in Aiirkey. We hope that by owning an Aiirkey Bag, waking up in the morning and spending hours on end choosing the right outfit without much consideration on choosing one’s attitude will be a thing of the past, and that this conscious choice of the right attitude is maintained throughout the day when carrying an Aiirkey bag.

Aiirkey bags are designed in London and made in Italy using the finest Italian leather.