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Nitya Mittal

Ruche & Hues

Ruche & Hues is a luxury fashion brand that designs and manufactures handcrafted party bags and purses for women with preciousness! These bag designs are inspired by nature and textures, details and patterns evidently prove that. Ruche & Hues offers fashionable party purses that can carry all your essentials required on a day out - a perfect match of fashion with function! Each bag has been designed, handcrafted and developed with delicate and intricate handwork.

The brand envisions to be a go-to brand for bags designed for the moment. It offers a product to suit every occasion and moment in a woman's lifespan! Its mission is to innovate and develop gorgeous and luxurious hand-pieces to complete that look with perfection for all times. RH is aspiring to collect all fashion trends and also innovate its own to make available the trendiest, prettiest and the most gorgeous handbags and purses! RH is more about concepts and patterns so that women constantly carry something new; something different.

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Ruche & Hues (RH) is a story of ruche meets hues, where Nitya is the ruche of the brand, the skin, the embellishments, the texture, while Isha adds the hues to it, the style, the brand, the outlook! Nitya dreamt of creating delicate timepieces for women of style, and Isha joined hands to compliment and complete that vision. Today that dream is a reality! Nitya and Isha proudly launched Ruche & Hues, a flagship brand of NI Designs, in July 2015.

Ruche (pronounced as 'roosh') literally means 'a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming' while Hues (pronounced as 'hyooz') refers to 'a gradation or variety of a colour or tint'. We picked these words each to form a brand that pays attention to embellishments and the whole gamut of colour possibilities available to us. RH is synonymous with patterns, embellishments, textures and colours.

Ruche & Hues deals in designing and manufacturing of handcrafted party bags and purses for women with preciousness! These bags range from clutches, to satchel bags, to pouches to envelope bags, and so on. Each bag has been designed, hand-crafted and developed with delicate and intricate handwork. The brand envisions to be a go-to brand of bags designed for the moment. Its mission is to innovate and develop gorgeous and luxurious hand-pieces to complete that look with perfection at all times.

"Ruche & Hues completes my inherent hunger for fashion. It helps me kill this appetite by transforming my fashion acumen into hand-pieces that will help women compliment their evening styles. RH would cater to specific customers who don't settle for less to make their look complete and designed for the moment! RH products are exquisite and a hallmark of luxury, designed for divas who aspire for perfection!"

Ruche & Hues is a flagship brand of NI Designs jointly owned by Nitya Mittal Biswas and Isha Gupta. Nitya and Isha culminated their passion for handcrafted fashion accessories and their love for fashion industry into creation of this brand. Their story treaded its path from friendship to business partners over a period of 8 years. They met in 2008, instantly clicked and formed a lifetime bond of trust and friendship. They pursued their respective career path over the next few years, only to end up cribbing and craving to launch something big together every single time. And this big opportunity came their way in 2015, when both were going through a time which was career-wise unsatisfactory. Ruche & Hues was born. Nitya had already started work on her own brand called Ruche and just about the right time, Isha joined in with her hues to this all new brand called Ruche & Hues. They started breathing designs, patterns, textures, bags, trends, and et al. At the same time capturing the digital sense of our audience in order to make RH a big name attached to hand-bags and fashion. Today they are only beginning to make this dream a reality and working on each element of managing a fashion label. Our goal is clear and is full of colours of style and stature. Ruche & Hues envisions to be a pioneer in style and fashion.

"Ruche & Hues is my answer to make local and intricate handwork go global. I always wanted to design for women across the globe, and RH fulfils that dream! India is rich in designs and handwork techniques, that can create beautiful and stunning embellished products. I want to take these techniques to world through my designs. With RH, I want to bring fashion to the essence of life. And thats why RH bags are a perfect mix of fashion with function! "

Born in New Delhi in 1987, Nitya is a 2005 pass-out from Lawrence School Sanawar. She entered the design industry soon after and pursued a course in interior design from APJ institute of design. Although she was engaged in interiors work, fashion bred in the core of her heart. In 2006, she designed her first range of western dresses and exhibited them at a prominent show in New Delhi. An interior design course and designing dresses for shows and family went hand-in-hand for a few years. She soon started her own interior design firm and pursued that as her career. Fashion followed her and she helped her then boyfriend and now husband in running a fashion buying house - SunLotus. Over the course of time, her inclination shifted from interiors to fashion and hence joined SunLotus full-time. 5 years passed by and the idea of launching her own fashion label only became stronger.

"We use the best raw material, as we create luxury embellished hand-pieces for that perfect moment. Each bag is handcrafted with intricate handwork. The idea is to get inspired from nature and life and transform those inspirations on fabric using embellishments such as crystals, stones, sequins and pearls."

We are in the process of designing for the next season and also work on a completely new collection of hair accessories to compliment our designs. These are exciting times for us as we are being stocked by various online curators and marketplaces and also offline showrooms are in the works. An RH bag owner will be happy to own this unique handpiece to compliment dressy occasions and parties.