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Eszter Marton


Gion bags are 100% handmade leather goods, using only Italian materials, creating with expert attention to detail, by our established specialist workshop in Hungary, Budapest.
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Over 35 years ago, while studying mechanical engineering in university, the founder had the opportunity to work with leather, and since then, he has not put down this most classic of materials. Through innovation and timeless design he offers you his brand, GION since 1997.

In that time, he continued to refine his techniques, incorporating both traditional leatherworking methods as well as more modern materials and treatments. He acquired traditional craftsman techniques and over the years he refined the mastery of skills and combined it with function-engineered knowledge and the usage of modern materials. Yet today he applies manufactural methods in a family business.

His goal was - and still is - that the products he makes be durable and stylish so the wearer regardless to the fashion trends is able to carry his bags at any time. In behalf of this he looks for clear-out forms of the fashion, ignoring the excesses. The result is the compromise of the usability and design.

GION goods are made with 100% vegetable tanned, Italian calfskin (in some exceptions with goat, or exotic skin), pig or goat leather or leatherette lining and Italian hardware.

These days, the GION collection is growing. We have opened our first shop 15 years before, and went online 3 years before to keep up with digital interest and to reach new markets.