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Kerry Dougan


KerryAnn is a Made in America handbag brand. The bags are crafted with attention to detail using Italian leather. They are the dream turned reality of a young woman who has been passionate and dedicated to handbag making since before she was in high school.
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KerryAnn bags are crafted in NYC with Italian leather. The bags create an eye catching optic by having different layers of leather as well as a pop of color. The goal of a KerryAnn bag is to make you feel important, successful, and most important happy when caring them.

Kerry would teach her self about handbag construction through videos, books, and classes and use that knowledge to craft bags for her friends and family. Coming home from school and sewing all night was a normal occurrence. This consistent dedication and love for bags and bag making assured Kerry that she wanted to be able to do that everyday. After studying accessories design in school and gaining more experience and contacts, Kerry decided to take the leap and made the exciting, yet nerve-wrecking decision to make her dreams into a reality. After a little over a year of hard work and many ups and downs, the KerryAnn bags that were once in her head are finally created and in her hands!

Kerry first learned to sew from her Nana at a young age. She currently uses the old industrial Singer machine that she first learned to sew on. When she was younger, Kerry wanted to work with animals, but starting around 6th grade, she developed a strong interest in handbags and shoes. This interest continued into high school-she attended precollege classes for accessories design and interned at a small boutique who sewed their own handbags. Kerry earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion & Textiles from SUNY Oneonta and an Associate Degree in Accessories Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Kerry doesn't have just one style or inspiration. She loves being outdoors in jeans, but also loves getting dressed up in a cocktail dress and heels. Her inspiration can come from anywhere. One place that she loves to go for inspiration is the leather or fabric store. "Once you actually see and feel a piece of leather, a bag just starts creating itself in your head."

KerryAnn bags are made with Italian leather that has been laser cut in a signature design.

KerryAnn bags are created with the customer in mind. They are made with quality materials and an attention to detail. KerryAnn strives to be a brand that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything and turn your dreams into reality...just like we are!