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Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri

ABURY Collection GmbH

ABURY is a true luxury accessories brand specializing in handmade women's bags. ABURY offers bags for the modern woman who don't want to compromise in quality and style while making a conscious buying decision. After having earned accolades as journalist for the BBC Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri decided to start studying Fashion Accessory Design with a focus on luxury leather goods. When she won the ABURY Design Experience and met with Andrea Bury, it was clear the two share the same vision and ethics and want to do more together!
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ABURY is pioneering fashion in combining avant-garde design with traditional craftsmanship to create a new generation of "true luxury" style. ABURY is the bag for the modern woman who doesn't want to compromise in style while making a conscious buying decision.

The ABURY Design Experience set off the basis of her expertise around this idea of preservation of culture and devotedly protecting craftsmanship as a dying art form. Pam operates under a ''No borders'' clause, as her work explores cultures across the globe. The idea is always to share the profits and have the supply chain also profit from the success so that they can go in a fruitful future through the work of their hands - without being dependent on charity donations.

I was always inspired by fashion and consequently went back to University to study Fashion Accessory Design after a first degree in Journalism and Communications. Initially I was interested in Knitwear design, however the course was full and I was offered the Accessories with a specialisation in leather luxury goods. Looking back, I can say, handbags chose me!

Our current collection is called ”A Non Existent Tribe“ consists of six expressive handbags in a mix of leather, bast and alpaca wool. The collection draws inspiration from the Himba tribes of Namibia and the indigenous people of Ecuador by fusing the two together. The similarities of the two cultures are even more eminent as the collection is shaped by the way both cultures carry objects. The aim was to bring to life a visual identity from both cultures that celebrated their traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. The collection highlights that beauty exists in that which is deemed different.

ABURY bags are made with the most ethically sourced materials. We only work with locally sourced materials. We work alongside our suppliers and require transparency of the whole supply chain. In the case of the "A Non existent Tribe" collection from Ecuador that is naturally dyed Alpaca wool, cow leather and natural straw.

ABURY has an insatiable passion to reach as many Artisan Communities around the world. Our work continues to grow further into corners of the world we never anticipated, developing more communities and bringing to the world the rebirth of traditional craftsmanship.