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Spring Prints

Spring is here and we are loving the trends associated with it! Bright prints have made their way onto the runway and into the trend forecasts this season. Whether it's florals, checkers, or plaid, the colors help any outfit make a statement. Many designers even paired bright colors with black to make them stand out even more. Bloggers and influencers have been seen pairing patterns with patterns and even matching the patterns to shoes and other accessories. Grab your printed bag today and show off your trendy style!

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Pink, Yellow and Multicolor Colibri Clutch Bag

Leonor Design

Pink, Yellow and Multicolor Colibri Clutch Bag

Because of the unique nature of the mola fabric, as each each mola is hand made by a woman from the Kuna community, each pattern fabric is a unique piece, so the pattern is different and varies from bag to bag. Materials: Cotton hand stitched Mola, calf leather. Each bag has a unique color palette, and a unique mola pattern. No two bags are alike, because the molas are handmade by different Kuna woman. The leather color combinations are coordinated with the color of the mola. All sales are final.