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Ana Mari Ortega

Ana Mari Ortega

Ana Mari Ortega is a collection of distinctive and well crafted handbags for the woman who loves luxury and simplicity. Ana Mari Ortega sells exclusively online, in order to create luxury basics that are attainable for her discerning clients.
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The Ana Mari Ortega customer is chic, classic and striking. She takes a "less is more" approach to her wardrobe, and invests in timeless pieces that will carry her through the seasons.

Ana Mari attended college at George Washington University in DC. Being a Miami native, Ana Mari had a tough time with the winter weather and took classes in metalsmithing and jewelry design to make the most of her time indoors. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs, Ana enrolled at the Miami International University of Art & Design to continue her studies in fashion accessory design. It was here that she fell in love with handbags and made them the main focus of her collection.

Whether it was admiring jewels in the windows of stores on 5th Avenue or perusing through flea markets in Europe, Ana's love of accessories has made her believe they are the most integral part of a wardrobe. She began making jewelry as a hobby in college and sold out all of her first pieces at a trunk show her senior year. After graduating with a degree in International Relations in 2008, and struggling to find a job in a fragile economy, she decided to enroll at Miami International University of Art and Design, where she received a degree in Accessory Design.

Ana Mari's inspiration lies in her customers. She aims to create pieces that can fill in all of the gaps in a clients wardrobe, whether they need a work tote or an evening clutch. She believes functionality and beauty go hand in hand and she has taken time to sit with her clients and get their feedback on dimensions, size and comfort. The Ana Mari Ortega woman appreciates quality and versatility and has a paired down wardrobe focused on distinctive and well-crafted pieces.

Ana Mari works with all kinds of exotic skins including python, ostrich, caiman crocodile and whipsnake. She focuses on simple, timeless silhouettes crafted in quality skins with interesting colors and textures.

In 2015, Ana Mari Ortega decided to eschew a traditional retail model and focus on selling their pieces exclusively online to provide their customers with a unique experience - high quality handcrafted handbags and fine jewelry without traditional retail markups. They believes this approach will fulfill a desire for discerning clients who desire quality pieces at accessible price points.