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Janis Lee

Janis Lee New York

Janis Lee New York brings timeless luxury with the right amount of drama and edginess. Refined craftsmanship and distinctive details are manifested in each bag that is handmade by top-notch artisans.
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Janis Lee combines utilitarian minimalism with the right amount of drama and edginess in her collection of bags, using handpicked quality materials.

Janis Lee’s vision of an affordable but high quality designer brand started from her realization that the handbag market is saturated with flashy logos but a lack of more refined taste.

Janis Lee studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been working in various roles in graphic design and fashion design production.

New York City is her biggest inspiration and she merges its contrasting aspects into her designs. Downtown cool with uptown luxe. Feminine with masculine edge. Her timeless designs are understated enough for work, yet subtle edginess and interesting details make them memorable.

Janis Lee spends most of time looking for stamped and textured cowhides because she doesn't support the idea of killing young calves and exotic animals in danger of extinction. These selected cowhides are turned into exquisite bags by top-notch local artisans, to fit her mission to be environmentally and socially responsible at the same time.

Janis Lee became the 2015 IHDA finalist with silk version of her City clutch and it made her more focused on developing eco-friendly materials. She is designing custom fabrics for her City clutch collection lately. Her bags will be produced in small batches with various materials so that the customers can enjoy the idea of owning one of a kind item or limited editions.