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Michelle Shehurina


TOOCHE bags are exclusive handcrafted bags from natural wool felt that is extremely light, soft and durable. Each bag is carefully made in a studio located in a historical part of the centre of Riga, Latvia. We look after all the tiny elements of production, that is why we can guarantee exceptional quality of everything we do.
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A girl that wears TOOCHE bags looks for exceptional quality and natural materials. TOOCHE bags are made from the finest wool felt combined with genuine leather details, which altogether creates a stunning modern look.

Michelle's passion for creativity made her to establish TOOCHE brand together with Yuris, who is a production director. They love what they are doing and love each other.

Michelle Shehurina holds a degree in Business and Economics, however since early childhood was closely connected with the fashion industry. She was working in a shoe industry for the last 3 years, and a year ago decided to establish her own brand.

My endless source of inspiration is nature – its forms, colours, textures. I chose natural wool as a primary material for bags, because it is soft, light and durable – it doesn't fade with time and keeps its form.

All TOOCHE bags are made from 100% natural Australian wool felt. Some of the bags have tassels and other details from genuine leather of different colours. Our designing and production process is totally handcrafted, we carefully look after all the elements of production, that is why we can guarantee an exceptional quality in everything we do.

TOOCHE is a young, but promising brand. We are actively developing and expanding the geography of our customers. We are always happy when we receive new order from a new place.