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Tulay Altin


Tulay Altin started designing nature inspired leather handbags in 2005. After noticing the great response on her bags and designs she decided to attend to a certificate program at CIATEC in Mexico for handbag construction. While in Mexico she experimented with different styles and leathers to better understand the process of creating a stylish bag. The result is really well received functional interior pockets which her customers just love. She combines style and versatility to create quality handbags that seems to emerge from nature itself. Originally from Istanbul, Altin appreciates the excellent craftsmanship of Turkish craftsmen whom she works with to give life to her designs. Only the best Turkish calf leather is being used to create her butter soft whimsical yet unique handbags.
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TULINA, based in Brooklyn, is a whimsical accessory collection inspired by nature. Each design we make combines style and versatility to create quality leather handbags. We at Tulina believe that the accessories we wear every day can be as creative a form of self-expression as any art. Accessories have evolved from mere embellishments into essential items completing and complimenting our outfits. They are not only expressions of our personality but also distinct fashion statements on our part. Tulina Accessories founded by Tulay in 2005 has made it its mission to turn useful accessories into fashion items. A majority of her creations are inspired by her love of nature.

Tulina was born out of designer Tulay Altin's personal whimsical style. Altin initially designed a few clutches for herself comprised of vintage materials she had from her grandmother. The designs soon caught the attention of strangers and she responded to the demand of questions by flying over to Mexico to attend a great handbag design certificate program at CIATEC.

Quality leather handbags that cater to fashion forward women. Tulina's chic style with a touch of whimsy is geared towards women of all ages who are confident in their own style, strive to make a statement and exude a distinctive personality.

Inspiration is everywhere. Angel-like dove wings from one of Renee Magritte's paintings were the source of inspiration for the latest "Wings" collection. Additional inspirations include the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Central Park, Prospect Park and the changing of seasons.

There is genuine care and attention to detail involved in the making of each handbag. Tulina handbags are made out of amazing turkish leather by skilled craftsmen in the old city of Istanbul. These days, Tulina is working on different exciting projects to extend its accessories line to include a jewelry line.