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Susanne Breul

BREUL lefties´finest

The BREUL brand is evolving from one specialising in small leather goods for left-handed people to one creating bags for everyone with a love for beauty, ease of use and elegance. Susanne Breul makes sure that lefties are never left out though, because she keeps her eye on the details that make all the difference. She learned a lot about crafting leather in her grandparents´ workshops. After a stint studying physics she went on to earn a degree in architectural design at Brunswick Technical University. In 2011 she went back to her roots and founded BREUL lefties´finest. She loves turning 2D-Materials into 3D-Objects. Everything she designs is then "Handmade in Germany".
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The BREUL lefties´ finest unisex approach appeals to urban professionals with a high sense of aesthetics coupled with a love for fine craftmanship.

The history of Breul lefties' finest began with Susanne Breul's desire to integrate her sense of aesthetics with her daily life. She also wanted to provide naturally left-handed individuals with the opportunity to have and hold beautiful things in their hands that were simply not available: A wallet, a writing portfolio....

Susanne Breul became friends with mum´s sewing machine at a very early age. She trained her eye and developed her judgement for select materials in her grandparents´ - shoemaker and seemstress - workshop. Later - after a stint studying physics at Hamburg University - she earned a degree in architectural design at Brunswick Technical Universitiy.

Susanne Breul lives near the river Elbe and is intrigued by ease and flow: "Things designed for right-handed people collide with the natural flow of movement for naturally left-handed individuals."

As an architectural designer she is also highly influenced by International or Bauhaus Style: "Omitting the superflous and designing in harmony with the materials in the end leads to a product that radiates ease and conveys a certain quiet joy in the hand." Breul says. Whith the moo bag she started with a 3D puzzle with the objects she wanted to accomodate in the bag and sort of created the bag around them.

The BREUL brand eveolves from lefties´ finest to everyone´s finest while keeping an eye on the details that make all the difference for smooth flow. Susanne Breul is currently negotiating with retail consultants to make the brand more widely available.