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Lee Mattocks


MATTOX bags are hand crafted in Italy and in Nottingham, England with a unique manufacturing process invented by Lee Mattocks. They can be re-invented at a later date or any parts can be replaced with ease throughout the life-cycle of the product. They are manufactured ethically and they are free from unfair labour and processes that harm the environment.
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MATTOX leather goods are created by using a unique construction method invented by the creative director to create innovative accessories with an ethical outlook.

He started his line after a long personal journey where he visited different parts of the world working across many different disciplines. He launched the line after discovering a way he could create fashion while still being to to his ethical ideals and ambitions to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly brand.

Lee Mattocks studied textiles and fine art in London which led to a career as a textiles artist. He went on to study a masters degree at the London college of fashion where he developed his unique design style and leather products.

My inspiration comes from inventing new techniques and processes while working with the latest technologies to explore new ways to manufacture luxury leather goods. This current collections shapes and styles was inspired by the modernist artwork of Sonja Delaunay.

MATTOX bags use responsibly produced study leathers sourced in the Netherlands. We use the latest knife cutting technology in Europe to cut the unique seam into the leather and the pieces are transported to the uk to be assembled by skilled craftspeople. There is no sewing involved and the bags can be adapted and parts replaced thought the life of the product.

We are exhibiting at design fairs in the UK and working on orders through our own online store. MATTOX are also working on a new ambitious range of collectable bags using complex pattern cutting and cutting technology. MATTOX will be showing at London Fashion Week too next year to present their ambitious AW collection.